4State-transition model profiling examines lifecycle of state-dependent objects and provides actual information about the order and characteristics of states and actions. It helps build or validate state-transition models. Introduction to state-transition modeling The objects that go through a sequence of states in the course of their life cycle as a result of various events are

Timeline profiling looks for patterns in historical data (such as temporal distribution of the data, patterns of values for different time periods, etc…). Timeline profiling Profiling techniques discussed thus far provide key input to data mapping and quality assessment decisions. Specifically, we can identify databases, entities, and attributes containing desired data and understand their meaning.

Mining basic statistics Attribute profiling produces large volumes of information. As a minimum it can be used as a source of reference information during data mapping, quality assessment, and cleansing. It can also be used to systematically update data catalogues. However, the main purpose is to gain knowledge of various unexpected data abnormalities. We must

Attribute profiling examines values of individual data attributes and provides information about frequencies and distributions of their values. It helps to identify meaning and allowed values for an attribute. Attribute profiling basics Attribute profiling examines the values of individual data attributes and produces three categories of metadata for each attribute: basic aggregate statistics, frequent values,

Profiling into a data warehousing and business project can help success and more… Primary expectation A good profiler analyzes data, structure and all elements with a basic attitude: EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE!! All Data must be analyze and never thing that a source is accurate. Human is not perfect and can make some mistake. Overview  

We propose to share you several blog tickets about Dashboards. The second one will be about: What do you need to define Dashboard architecture? I’m going to present you ten points to define dashboard architecture (not design – it will be presented on third ticket). It’s important to check these points to be sure that


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