Strategic Consulting Services


Several strategy development services are available to you:



What is this?

Establish committees to manage the business and computer properties, and the direction of operations, structures and processes to support and develop the strategy and goals of your company.

What are the criteria for the IT Department to help me fulfill the objectives?

What is it for?

Enhance the value creation process - Assess the risk - Understand the financial aspect of IT investments - Involve all stakeholders in IT responsibility - Implement best practices - Increasing the performance of IT processes - Ensure adaptation of technological options for end-user applications.

Possible deliverables:

  • Strategy Committee
    • Drafting validation guides for the orientation of the company’s business intelligence
  • Planning Committee
    • drafting and validation of project description guides and calculating priorities
    • Project planning
    • Human resources and financial planning
  • Data Governance Committee
    • Defining metrics and KPIs
    • Best Practices Guide for data governance
    • Drafting of your business rules and data properties for the benefit of all departments
  • Architecture Committee
    • Best Practices Guide
    • Establishment of agreed-upon architecture as needed
    • Options in technological choices
    • Evolution of company’s BI architecture