In a high-technology sector like aeronautics, where excellence is required, it is important to connect the right partners to the right suppliers while at the same time having the greatest possible visibility.


Investing in this sector is very expensive. It has to be justified over many years.

We’ve demonstrated our competence in the aerospace sector through many client experiences. Most of these are based on the forecast profitability of a program and monitoring its implementation. We were therefore able to intervene at various points of the life cycle: product design with their economic viability on the market, product life with monitoring analysis followed and ramp-up (of the manufacturer or their sub-contractors), or during maintenance during and after the project life cycle.



One of the bases for statistical analysis in the aeronautics sector is forecasting, sometimes combined with scenario analysis. These analyses allow one to make informed decisions about:

  • the right choice of suppliers depending on financial, geostrategic, political and societal constraints ...;
  • optimization of the production line and performance;
  • safety compliance, standards, certifications and regulations through monitoring improvements and the effects of decisions;
  • monitoring throughout the product life cycle and product improvement;
  • quality control and the relationship with contractors and other stakeholders.

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