Dashboard: are you ready to implement it?

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We propose to share you several blog tickets about Dashboards. The first one will be about:

Are you ready to implement a dashboard system into your organization?

I’m going to present you ten points. It’s important to check these points before starting your project. Follow these points can help you for your success. For each point give a note between 1 and 3 as:

1 – if you are not sure that all managers, designers and users understand the point or if it’s difficult to define the point into your organization

2 – if people into your organization understand the point but cannot define it

3 – if people into your organization understand the point and can define it

Implementation requirements

  1. Do you know the target users? – you can define the stakeholder and the users of the dashboard.
    I’m not sure = 1 point. I see what you mean = 2 points. My co-workers and I, see exactly what you mean and why you are asking for= 3 points
  2. Do people into your organization know difference between metrics and KPIs? – a KPI contain an objective (a target), so you need to define the followed targets.
  3. Do you know the process to design metrics and KPIs?
          to define and design metrics and KPIs, you can follow ten steps:

    1. Acquire knowledge about business rules and organization’s processes
    2. Check business plan and other information about organization’s strategies and tactics
    3. What kind of dashboard will you develop?
    4. How will you deploy dashboards?
    5. Which KPIs and metrics can help to follow strategic objectives?
    6. Test KPIs against Framework
    7. Select top KPIs (you must limit the number of KPI to be clear and efficient)
    8. What kind of presentation for each KPI?
    9. Document all the previous points and get sign-off
    10. Design architecture and dashboards based on document
  4. Are you sure your KPIs are smart and clear and can help decision?
  5. Role of dashboards in a business intelligence suite: what is the role and place of this tool?
  6. What kind of ROI (or others benefits) you can expect?
  7. Which one (or more) of the three types of dashboard categories do you need?
    1. strategic
    2. tactical
    3. operational
  8. According to previous points, did you define the  needed features and the required software?
  9. Did you select the implementation team?
  10. do you remember Origins of dashboards ?


If your score is between 0 and 15:

You are not ready to launch your project. Ask a professional to help you prioritize tasks and implement knowledge. infos@dwbiexpert.com 

If your score is between 16 and 20:

You are in progress but you need to do some effort. Ask us for specific workshop.

If your score is between 21 and 30:

You are ready to launch your project. Ask us which tool suit you more. Implement it with your team or us.


Next ticket will be about architecture for your dashboard system.


Others tests about dashboard and business intelligence

What do you need to design dashboards?

What do you need to manage dashboards?

How to define Dashboard architecture?

Are you ready to implement it?

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