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Human resources KPI

Before dashboard creation, it’s important to define metrics and key performance indicators (KPI). Which of them will you use into your dashboard? This choice depends on your function, your strategy and your market. Difference between metric and KPI is objective. A KPI is a metric with an objective, a status and one or more trend(s).

You can use these metrics and KPI for strategical, tactical or operational dashboard. Context and filter will define the level. Be sure to develop your dashboard according on your organizational strategy and with business team, human resources analysts and human resources managers.

There are others metrics and KPIs for human resources department. I’m listing some KPIs that I often implement for my clients.

Human resources Metrics and KPI list

I propose to present 20 metrics and KPI for the human resources department:

  • Percentage

    • Annualized voluntary employee turnover rate (%)

    • Compensation cost as a percentage of revenue (%)

    • Female-to-male ratio (%)

    • HR to employee staff ratio (%)

    • Job vacancies as a percentage of all positions (#)

    • Part-time employees as a percentage of total employees (%)

    • HR budget spent on training (%)

    • New hire retention (%)

    • Total overtime hours as a percentage of all work hours (%)

  • Average (an average need to be analyzed with standard deviation)

    • Average interviewing costs ($)

    • Average number of training hours per employee (hr)

    • Average number of vacation days per employee (day)

    • Average retirement age (years)

  • Amount

    • Actual versus budgeted cost of hire ($)

    • HR department cost per FTE ($)

    • Cost per hire ($)

    • Internal and external headcount recruiting costs ($)

    • Return on investment (ROI) of training ($)

  • Number

    • Full-time employees (#)

  • Time

    • Time to fill

To calculate these metrics and KPI you need to have access to your data:

human resources system, payroll system, accounting system.


20′ lists of Metrics & Kpis

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food service kpi construction kpi call Centers kpi transport kpi financial retail kpi mediakpi manufacturing kpi Health care kpi

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