Dashboard: How to define Dashboard architecture?

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We propose to share you several blog tickets about Dashboards. The second one will be about:

What do you need to define Dashboard architecture?

I’m going to present you ten points to define dashboard architecture (not design – it will be presented on third ticket). It’s important to check these points to be sure that you have a strong architecture for short, mid and long term processes. Follow these points can help you for your success.

For each point give a note between 1 and 3 as:

1 –  if you are not sure that all managers, designers and users understand the point or if it’s difficult to define the point into your organization

2 – if people into your organization understand the point but cannot define it

3 – if people into your organization understand the point and can define it

Dashboard architecture requirements

  1. Are you sure to know the kind of dashboard you want to build?
    I’m not sure = 1 point. I see what you mean = 2 points. My co-workers and I  see exactly what you mean and why you are asking for= 3 points
  2. Frequency is an important word in dashboard world. What kind(s) of frequency load is your requirement? (mandatory automation is linked directly with frequency)
    1. Real time
    2. Daily
    3. Weekly
    4. Monthly
    5. Quarterly
    6. Yearly
  3. What are my data sources? Do I have access to these sources? Do these sources clean?
  4. Do I have an ODS or a data warehouse? Do I need one of them or all of them?
  5. Do I need an OLAP structure?
  6. How can I link my dashboard platform with my web portal? What technology is it? And what technology do I need to acquire?
  7. Does my organization possess expertise in data management and BI knowledge?
  8. Does my organization have enough time to acquire missing knowledge?
  9. Which KPI do I need? Do I have the definition and calculation for each of them?
  10. Does my organization possess expertise and knowledge in dashboard tools selected?


If your score is between 0 and 15:

You are not totally ready to launch your project. Our team can enlight you on several steps.

If your score is between 16 and 20:

You are in progress but you need to do some effort. Ask for a specific workshop ( infos@dwbiexpert.com )

If your score is between 21 and 30:

You are ready to launch your project. don’t hesitate to ask us which software / technics / langague is the best for your need.


Next ticket will be about design for your dashboards.

Others tests about dashboard and business intelligence

What do you need to design dashboards?

What do you need to manage dashboards?

How to define Dashboard architecture?

Are you ready to implement it?

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